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Biosciences, Biotechnology Research Asia is an international, open access, peer reviewed research journal covering all aspects of Biosciences and Biotechnology field. It provides a forum for worldwide scientific researchers to share their findings and disseminate innovative, relevant and useful information throughout the scientific horizon.

Frequency : Quarterly (March, June, September, December)
ISSN: 0973-1245
e-ISSN: 2456–2602
Abbreviation : Biosci., Biotechnol. Res. Asia

Recent Articles

Volume 13, Number 2
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Amino Acid Content in Rhododendron Schlippenbachii Maxim. Flowers of Different Colors

Jong Seok Park

Volume 13, Number 2
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Immunomodulatory and Macrophage Activating Activity of Lactobacillus fermentum DLBSA204 in Response to Respiratory Infection in a Cellular Model

Anggi Shestita Wulandari, Olivia Mayasari Tandrasasmita, and Raymond Rubianto Tjandrawinata

Volume 13, Number 2
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Anatomical Structure Study of Aerial Organs of Crataegus Ambigua C.A.Mey

Ainur T. Tuyakova, Akzhunis A. Imanbayeva, Nurzhaugan I. Duysenova and Margarita Yu. Ishmuratova

Volume 13, Number 2
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Risk factors associated with community-acquired CTX-M producing Klebsiellapneumoniae typing by Rep-PCR in Sanandaj, Iran.

Noeman Ardalan1, Shahab Jamaran2, Farzam Memari3, Kambiz Davari2, Bahareh Rostamiand Rashid Ramazanzadeh1  

Volume 13, Number 2
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Production of Active Carbons from Apricot Pit Shells by Thermal Activation in the Mixture of Carbon Dioxide and Water Vapors

Usenkulova Sholpan Zhenisbekovna1, Marat Isakovich Satayevand Samonin Vyacheslav Viktorovich2