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Frequency: Quarterly (March, June, September, December)
DOI Prefix: 10.13005
Print ISSN: 0973-1245
Online ISSN: 2456-2602
Abbreviation: Biosci., Biotech. Res. Asia
Editor in Chief: Prof. Dr. rer. Nat. Hesham Ali El-Enshasy

Recent Articles

Volume 15, Number 3
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A Survey on the Image Denoising to enhance Medical Images

Bhawna Goyal1 Ayush Dogra1, Sunil Agrawal1 and B. S. Sohi2

Volume 15, Number 3
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Extraction of Protease Under Solid State Fermentation Using Bacterial Isolates from Traditional Leather Processing Waste Water Found Around Wukro Maray

Girma Haile and Birhanu Babiye

Volume 15, Number 3
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In Silico Structural Characterization of Plasmodium Falciparum Helicase, PfBrr2

Ritu Saxena and Prakash Chandra Mishra

Volume 15, Number 3
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Impact of Climate Change on Host, Pathogen and Plant Disease Adaptation Regime: A Review

Rakesh Pathak1, Sunil Kumar Singh1 Alkesh Tak2 and Praveen Gehlot2

Volume 15, Number 3
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Frequency and Importance of Six Functional Groups that Play A Role in Drug Discovery

Sholeh Maslehat, Soroush Sardari and Mahboube Ganji Arjenaki