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Possibility of Using Internal Fat of Young Yakut Horse

N. Slobodchikova, V. T. Vasileva, R. V. Ivanov, R. E. Vasileva, K. M. Stepanov, P. F. Permyakova

FSBI Yakut research Institute of agriculture, Yakutsk

ABSTRACT: The paper presents the results of studies of the fatty acid composition of Yakut horse’s fat. There is the data of the fatty acid composition of fat by low-temperature method, on the composition of fatty acids of fat-raw of young Yakut horses, on the physical, chemical and microbiological parameters and indicators of toxic elements, antibiotics, radio nuclides and micro-macro elements. It was calculated the yield of raw materials and products from one head of the Yakut horse. Fat obtained from the internal fat of Yakut horses by low-temperature method for physical, chemical, microbiological indicators, in terms of toxic elements, antibiotics and radio nuclides (Table 3) meets the requirements of security. The obtained results lead to the conclusion that Yakut horse’s fat, particularly internal fat, can be used as a dietary product and as raw material for the creation of food supplements.

KEYWORDS: Yakut horse; adipose tissue; internal fat; fat-raw; raw materials; processing; polyunsaturated fatty acids; omega-3; omega-6 fatty acids; linoleic; linolenic acids

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Slobodchikova N, Vasileva V. T, Ivanov R. V, Vasileva R. E, Stepanov K. M, Permyakova P. F. Possibility of Using Internal Fat of Young Yakut Horse. Biosci Biotech Res Asia 2015;12(2)

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