Volume 12, number 2
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Analyzing the Effects of  Dexamethasone Injection in Reduction of Mortality and Pathologic Effects Caused by Organophosphate Poisoning on Rat̓s Lung.

R Malekpoorafshar1, M Karvar2, M Mohammadi3, M M Hayran3, R mirzaee4

1Pathologist, assistant professor, kerman university of medical science, kerman, iran. 2urologist,assistant professor, jiroft university of medical science, jiroft, iran. 3specialist in emergency medicicne,kerman university of medical science, kerman, iran. 4phD, lecturer,  jiroft university of medical science, jiroft, iran.

ABSTRACT: Organophosphate compounds have been used as Pesticides in agriculture from a long time ago. The most common cause of death by these compounds is the related pulmonary complications. Since there have seen no study about the effects of dexamethasone on the reduction of mortality  caused by Organophosphate poisoning and its pathologic effects on lungs, we decided to study this matter. this research was done on rats.40 rats were randomly divided into two groups of control and treatment. Both groups were injected 25 mg/kg of Dichlorvos poison subcutaneously. The control group was injected 0.5 ml of physiological Saline and the treatment group was injected 100 mg/kg dexamethasone intraperitoneally. Then the rats of each group were analyzed separately for the rate of mortality and apnea. The lungs of the sample rats were sent to pathologic unit for further analyzing. The information was analyzed using spss 17 and chi square statistic test. Significant level was considered 0.05.in treatment group 10 rats (50%)survived while in control group all the rats were died which shows that the mortality was significantly higher in control group (p Value = 0.033(. the average time period to mortality was also significantly higher in control group. The results had a significant  difference in first class vascularcongestion(p Value = 0.007( and second class hemorrhage (p value = 0.046) between the two sample groups. As a general conclusion it seems that dexamethasone can somehow reduce the destructive effects of Organophosphate poisons in alveoli and reduce the mortality  significantly.

KEYWORDS: dexamethasone; Organophosphate poisons; rats; death rate; pathologic effects

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