Volume 12, number 2
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The Estimation of Possibilities of Product and Imported Raw Substitution

Irina Leonidovna Dyachenko, Valeria Shotaevna Khetagurova, Galina Anatolyevna Brykhanova, Maxim N. Sosnov, Marina V. Bryantseva

Russian State Social University, 4,1, V.Pika, Moscow, 129226, Russia

ABSTRACT: there is the estimation of potential possibilities of a food and imported raw substitution based on the statistics and economic-mathematical modeling on the sheep livestock sector’s example of the livestock’s complex in Russia. There are the proposals of the methods of the potential growth of the ewes livestock in the sheep agricultural enterprises and farms with the results of the estimation of these proposals, and the lamb’s production increase in connection with this growth, and also the revenue increase for the sheep production in case of the implementation of this type of the import substitution.

KEYWORDS: the threat of the national security; the food independence; the high level of of the food’s self-provision; the method of the possibilities’ estimation of gaining of the sheep livestock and lamb production

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Dyachenko I. L, Khetagurova V. S, Brykhanova G. A, Sosnov M. N, Bryantseva M. V. The Estimation of Possibilities of Product and Imported Raw Substitution. Biosci Biotech Res Asia 2015;12(2)

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