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Studying the Technology of Cultivating Mixed Forage Crops in the Area of Dry Steppes of the Western Kazakhstan

Beybit Nasiyev1, Meiramgul Mussina1, Aidyn Bekkalieva1, Rakhimzhan Yeleshev2 and Akmarzhan Salykova2

1West Kazakhstan Agrarian-Technical University Named After Zhangir Khan 51, Zhangir Khan Street, Uralsk, 090000, Republic of Kazakhstan 2Kazakh National Agrarian University, 8, Abai Street, Almati, 050010, Republic of Kazakhstan

ABSTRACT: Since 2012, the state program "Agribusiness 2020" for development of agribusiness has been in effect in the Republic of Kazakhstan. One of the tasks of this program is to increase the export of meat up to 16,000 tons per year. Taking into account international experience and conditions of Kazakhstan, the KazAgro Holding has developed and obtained approval from the Head of the State for the "Development of Cattle Meat Export" project. In five years, in the Republic of Kazakhstan it is planned to build up to 60 feeding stations with one-time content of 150,000 animals, or 300,000 animals per year. It will make it possible to produce about 60,000 tons of beef for export in five years, and 180,000 tons in 10 years. At present, young cattle is fattened and grown in fattening complexes that use extensive method of using unbalanced diets, which leads to high cost of forage and labor per unit of growth. Therefore, one of the important conditions for further increase in beef production is developing efficient technologies for ensuring own forage supply for fattening complexes and farms with saving forage grain. The aim of the research is to develop a technology that would ensure manufacturing of protein-balanced forage in the conditions of fattening complexes and farms of industrial type. The research made it possible to obtain data that allow assessing productivity of mixed forage crops with various harvesting time for using them in the production of own forage at fattening complexes and farms of industrial type in the conditions of the Western Kazakhstan region. The nutrition regimes for mixed forage crops by adjusting time and norms of mineral fertilizers introduction have also been found as a result of the research.

KEYWORDS: Fattening complexes; mixed agrophytocenosis; productivity; forage crops; protein; metabolic energy; mineral fertilizers

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Nasiyev B, Mussina M, Bekkalieva A, Yeleshev R, Salykova A. Studying the Technology of Cultivating Mixed Forage Crops in the Area of Dry Steppes of the Western Kazakhstan. Biosci Biotech Res Asia 2015;12(2)

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