Volume 12, number 2
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Research and Development Classification of Ship Electric Drives

Aleksei Fyodorovich Burkov

Far Eastern Federal University, Russia, 690091 Vladivostok, Suchanova Street, 8, Russia.

ABSTRACT: At present the main converters of various types of energy into mechanical energy include electric motors (EM). Therefore, the main type of actuator production mechanism is an electric drive (ED). The development of the ED and the introduction of their modern achievements have led to the need to adjust and complement the existing classification criteria. Analysis of scientific literature allows to draw a conclusion about the lack of uniformity in the classification signs ship ED. To date, despite the rather large number of them, there is no generally accepted classification, including the acceptable range of classification features which best describe the peculiarities of individual ship ED. Not reflected the relationship of ship ED with power actuators used in other industries. The article proposed classification features, combining ship ED by the characteristic structural and operational features and best reflects their individual relationship with the ED used in other branches of economic activity, taking into account as an inherent property of reality, the lack of strict distinctions between the individual ED. Developed on the basis of a theoretical understanding of the variety of facts the classification does not deny, and converts the existing classification of domestic and foreign sources, contributes to the development of marine ED from empirical knowledge to a systematic approach and theoretical synthesis.

KEYWORDS: ship electric drive; classification

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Burkov A. F. Research and Development Classification of Ship Electric Drives. Biosci Biotech Res Asia 2015;12(2)

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